Banksy’s new artwork criticizes methods in Calais refugee camp

A brand new artwork by Banksy has appeared on the French ambassy’s walls in London.

The artwork criticises the abusive use of tear gas in Calais’ refugee camp. The artwork shows a young girl in tears. This character ressembles Cosette from the Victor Hugo’s book, Les Misérables. The young girl is crying and we can easily see a CS gas can that lies beneath her. 

This iconic character Banksy has chosen reflects exactly what migrants suffer in Calais. The mural was sprayed on the corner of a huge complexe, so you cannot miss it, and it includes an interactive QR code. The code when scanned, links to a video which shows police using rubber bullets and  teargas during a raid on January 5. 

The artwork is very subversive, like many of Banksy’s work. Banksy has produced a lot of political work, especially about the refugee crisis. He realized an image of Steve Jobs, who had a Syrian father, as a migrant trying to cross the border. This artwork is right on the Calais refugee camp. 

His Dismaland park was full of reminders of what migrants are going through.

This Cosette artwork has an important political message, and this is maybe why, no definitely why workmen covered the artwork on Monday, but later, they decided to expose the mural again. Yes, this is confusing.

We hope that this artwork will raise awareness of the conditions in the camp, as a charity man said. Not only in Calais, in the world in general.

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